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Equipment Rental

EQUIPMENT RENTAL – Rental of generators, lighting towers for remote locations, certified baskets for material/chemical transportation.

TESCO is known for having the most dependable and up to date electric power rental equipment in Trinidad and Tobago . Our rental product line is designed to meet the needs of our clients. Our products serve commercial, industrial, institutional, and manufacturing facilities as well as our agricultural clients.

Why Rent?

For many businesses, renting power equipment offers a number of advantages over buying outright. Many of our clients rent generator sets from us to handle temporary power outages while electrical upgrades are being performed. Companies use our products for work in remote job sites where other sources of power are not accessible. Manufacturing and packaging facilities have rented equipment to help fulfill large one-off orders. Here are some other benefits of short- or long-term power rental for your business:

No maintenance cost/less chance of breakdown.
No investment: Free up capital for use on other things by renting instead of buying
Get modern efficiencies without breaking the bank: You may not be able to afford to replace your aging generator or other power equipment outright, but by renting you can take
Magnehelic Pressure Gauges

Rental Services Offered

Lighting Towers
Pressure Washers (Electric & Gas)
Jack Hammers

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